Because Only Together Can We Improve Mental Health

Who We Are

The Anxiety Support and Awareness Centre (ASAC) is partnering to build a world where all affected by mental health issues are supported and can find the right help.  

ASAC has numerous activities and programmes aimed at reducing the stigma around mental illness as well as to providing support and counselling to people affected, and assisting all in getting the right primary health care.

ASAC is run by the ASAC Trust.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

Mini outreach programmes within our communities. Help us run more by subscribing to our magazine or by making a donation


— We Build Networks

We are always looking to partner with more people in improving mental health, contact us to be come a partner


— We Strengthen

Our communities with information and resources, as well as providing suicide risk assessments when requested.


— We Educate

Our trainings, public awareness, outreach and workplace programmes educate the public on how to care for those with mental health challenges as well as as help them know how to care for their own mental health.


— We Provide Care

We have a hot line for telephonic counselling in a safe and confidential environment. 

We also have support groups and services spanning a varied number of issues for those affected directly or indirectly by mental health issues.


— We Consult

We provide research services as well as referrals assistance in finding the right mental health and primary health care providers for your needs.

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Braille Day
Beautiful Minds Magazine Launch
World Cancer Day
Teen Suicide Week
International Women’s Day
World Bipolar Day
World Autism Day
Workers’ Day
Anxiety & Depression Awareness
World Schizophrenia Day
Bipolar Awareness Day
Substance Abuse Awareness Day
Mental Health Awareness Month
Panic Awareness Day
World Suicide Prevention Day
Alzheimer’s Day
Cancer Awareness Month
World Mental Health Day
Stress Awareness Day
World AIDS Day
Domestic Violence


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