About ASAC

Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Mental Health

Who We Are

ASAC is a mental health advocacy organisation working in partnership with several Government and non-governmental organisations in Zimbabwe and internationally. In 2016 ASAC was established and the late Honourable Dr Timothy Stamps and Mr Levison Maunganidze were the appointed patrons of the organisation and guided the board on various issues. Since its inception ASAC has organised and conducted programmes which include outreaches and free counselling in various communities in Zimbabwe. ASAC is proposing to strengthen existing relations with partner organisations and to establish new relations with both local and international organisations.

ASAC is made up os the ASAC Trustees, Psychologists, Therapists, Counsellors, Organisers, and Contributors with a passion for mental health.

Our Trustees

Paida Mudzamba


Paida is an experienced research assistant with demonstrated history of working in hospitals and healthcare industry. She is a holder of a BA in Health Sciences & Social Services with a specialisation in Applied Psychology. Paida also holds executive certificates in Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, Diplomacy, Palliative Care & Disaster Management and she is the Founder of ASAC. Paida has great affection for those who are challenged and highly motivated to make a difference in the world especially through mental health wellness.

Paida applies effective altruism in her daily life to minimise psychological inertia. She believes in cause neutrality amongst many other good notions to drive her moral compass. Paida enjoys amongst many hobbies playing strings especially  the violin, star gazing,  painting and is a nature lover .

Evidence Tembo


Evidence is a social scientist who has worked with people from various background for more than 10 years. She has the experience of interacting with vulnerable members of the society most of which are disadvantaged ,discriminated and stigmatised due to misconceptions,misunderstanding and lack of correct knowledge.Mental  illness is among  the highly stigmatised and misunderstood illnesses.As a result people shy away from looking for help.Evidence states that it is her wish to increase awareness and to reach out to many people on the community and that this fills her with joy to offer her services so as to achieve mental wellness.

Tsitsi Diana G. Chigumba


Tsitsi Diana (TD) is professionally an Agile coach in the software development space, with 15 years experience. But that sounds reductionist. As a multi-potentialite or scanner, she believes in learning new ideas, trying them out, validating assumptions, failing and trying a new track, inventing new ones as she goes, coming back to tried and trusted ones, all the while keeping it simple and seeing tangible value. If it has no value, don’t do it! As a result, TD has a lot of informal and formal education under her belt, from degrees in Computer Science, Education and Psychology to certificates in counselling, training and coaching, and experience in dealing with life and all it has. She has been a volunteer since she was 9 mostly with Girl Guides and church youth and from that has seen the true impact just being there can make in the lives of others. And as such TD wants to be a gift in the realm of mental health an area for which advocates are sorely lacking, especially in Africa. Her pet projects are minimalism, girls and women’s rights, mental health, FIRE, harp, mbira, guqin and guzheng music and achieving a healthy work-life balance… whatever that means.

Venus Mashininga


Venus is a health services management specialist with a passion for universal health coverage.She is a holder of Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours Degree and a Masters in Business Administration.Venus is also a strategist with stakeholder management experience,skilled in working with multiple partners and also has the ability to maximise use of limited resources for maximum impact.Venus believes that mental health forms the baseline for all human function.Mental health is critical fro the function of every individual.The impact of neglect of mental health knows no class and no boundaries.It is time mental health issues become a global are of focus. and interventions are put in place that leave no one behind.

Alois Kachere


Alois believes that having lived with a cousin who is mentally challenged has taught him many lessons in life and compassion for fellow human beings facing mental health challenges. Alois states that this is the main reason why he volunteered to be part of ASAC.

Nyasha Madhumera


Nyasha has experience in credit control , operations management in the banking sector, customer services support and is involved in several charities such as Rotary. He has a passion to help people who are in need.

Rumbidzai Musuna Munochiveyi


Rumbi is a writer and continuing maths student. Amongst many of her varied interests are a passion for social justice,early education and the natural hair movement in black communities around the world.

Our Approach

We Advocate for and Promote and Mental Health


— Our Mission

To provide psychosocial support and counselling to people affected with mental disorders.

To help reduce the stigma around mental illnesses by means of outreaches.

— Our Vision

To provide quality and specialist support services for people with mental disorders

— Our Aim

To empower all age groups in the society with knowledge about mental health, in order to address the livelihood of those affected by mental disorders in a positive manner.

— Our Values

Integrity, Transparency, Professionalism, Commitment, Accountability

Our Patrons

Dr. Farzana Naeem

Dr. Farzana is a Chartered Clinical psychologist. She is passionate about working with mentally challenged people in Zimbabwe therefore her mission is the same as that of the members of ASAC. (Practice No. 0331.)

Mr. Levison Maunganidze

Registered Educational Psychologist Mr. Levison Maunganidze is well known psychologist, academic and researcher who has contributed immensely to the development of psychology in Zimbabwe. Mr. Maunganidze is passionately interested in working with people with mental challenges in their local environment.

Partners and sponsors