Mental disorders are by nature difficult to diagnose, treat and manage. One likely reason is that the understanding of mental illness is still evolving. However, mental illness is amongst some of the neglected areas in the health sector with not much being done to address the condition. ASAC therefore encourages developments on research and clinical fronts to provide greater insight into the mental disorders focusing on people suffering with anxiety, depression, suicide tendencies, trauma, stress, drug and substance abuse, bipolar, schizophrenia and other mental disorders. As a patient wellness advocacy organisation we encourage counselling on the ground and telephonically, workshops and trainings where experts discuss clinical and advocacy efforts that may influence therapy and drives that boost awareness in schools and in communities.

The combination of service provision such as counselling, interventions along with community-based education and support program have proven to be appropriate goals for mental illness prevention in the country thereby fighting stigma associated with these conditions. From a broader perspective, it is also important to ensure that program addressing people’s health needs and concerns take into account societal inputs for developing and implementing program interventions and informational messages. Taking a community-based participatory approach to program implementation will assist in the development of eventual programmatic sustainability and increased program impact. 

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

Mini outreach programmes within our communities. Help us run more by subscribing to our magazine or by making a donation


— We Build Networks

We are always looking to partner with more people in improving mental health, contact us to be come a partner


— We Strengthen

Our communities with information and resources, as well as providing suicide risk assessments when requested.


— We Educate

Our trainings, public awareness, outreach and workplace programmes educate the public on how to care for those with mental health challenges as well as as help them know how to care for their own mental health.


— We Provide Care

We have a hot line for telephonic counselling in a safe and confidential environment. 

We also have support groups and services spanning a varied number of issues for those affected directly or indirectly by mental health issues.


— We Consult

We provide research services as well as referrals assistance in finding the right mental health and primary health care providers for your needs.

Our Programmes and Projects

Harare CBD Outreach Campaign

Outreach in Harare

Give us a call on
+263779262766;  +263719555772;  +2638644223041

Help Hot-Lines

We run 3 help hotlines in Harare 

Tropical Cyclone Idai Assistance OACIC

Cyclone Idai was one of the worst tropical cyclones on record to affect Africa and the Southern Hemisphere. 

Tariro Programme

Tariro means hope in chiShona. And the name is apt for our support group programme.

The Children who Break New Ground

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Bringing Dreams within Reach

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