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Statistics show that there are 91390 mentally ill patient with 7763 new mentally ill patients being recorded on 2014 alone. Speaking during the launch of the Mental Health Plan 2014-2018, Doctor Parirenyatwa said that mental disorder is still not given much attention it deserves despite its growth. In acknowledging the global burden of mental disorder ASAC has taken the role to address these conditions to reaffirm the right for every person to the highest attainable standard of mental health.

According to the survey the organisation did in 2017 from a sample of the population of Harare, the areas that the participants showed interest in with regards to stigma around mental health were around wanting to know general information about mental health.The statistics of people who were interviewed during the research that were requiring information were approximately 7.53% on stress,4.8% on bipolar,7.53% on depression,2.05%on addiction,4.8% on loneliness,3.43% on relationships,70.5% on general information.

ASAC provides research work in psychological areas, so if you have a research project that needs qualified researchers contact us.

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If you would like to research for us please contact us via the Contact page or email info@asactrust.co.zw