Month: March 2020

Helping children cope with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak

Most countries are under some sort of lock down or physical distancing guidelines. 

During these times our children are very vulnerable. As such WHO has published an infographic guideline to help us and our children cope.

You can download it from the WHO page or here as a PDF to share.

How are we dealing mentally with the COVID-19 pandemic?

With lock downs across the world looking after both our physical and mental health is very important.

If you are able to work from home there are few things to be cognisant of.

Take breaks, have something to drink, take a walk inside or outside, listen to some music. Your brain uses 20% of all the energy in your body, more than any other organ so make sure you feed it and give it time to rest. Stand up and stretch your legs every 30mins and have a 10min break every hour or so. Try to walk during meetings if possible We are all under a lot more stress than normal; only being able to work from home, fear of getting sick, loved ones actually sick, running out of toilet paper, etc. Whatever is causing you stress will make you use up more energy and will impact your mental health. Also, remember that poor mental health lowers your immune system and increases your risk of getting an infection. So do stuff you enjoy, socialise virtually with friends and loved ones, and talk if you feel low.

Finally, despite the restrictions on life, you still have a lot of control. You can still call friends and loved ones, go outside and be in the sun (just 1.5m away from others!), watch Netflix or Disney+ (The Mandalorian is great!), write your memoirs, and much more. Don’t feel trapped or restricted. Stay safe everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all in person again soon.